University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

The College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment will be collaboratively running a new Residential College called Greenhouse, which opens its doors in August 2014. 

UK’s Greenhouse is designed for students interested in learning different aspects of their local environment, all in the context of sustainability. Greenhouse students will extend their classroom learning through community engagement with organizations and like-minded students committed to developing a sustainable Lexington.

Click here to listen to a podcast about the Greenhouse!






NRES Summer Camp is now being offered in TWO countries!

Students now have two options for NRES Summer Camp. Option one is in Robinson Forest, where it has been taking place for the last 10+ years. Option two is in Costa Rica, where the students will travel from coast to coast learning in a tropical environment. 

In Fall 2010, UK's Natural Resource Conservation and Management (NRCM) degree program was changed to Natural Resources and Environmental Science (NRES) degree program. While the focus on natural resources remains, this name change reflects significant curriculum improvements and a renewed focus on communication with stakeholders - students, faculty, alumni and employers.