University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

About NRES

Natural Resources and Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary program and the only environmental science degree at the University of Kentucky. NRES is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and field experiences necessary for a career in environmental science, natural resource management, and related fields or for further graduate work and training. The curriculum is intended to provide exposure to a broad array of key disciplines which play a role in environmental research and natural resource management. All students select an Analytical Skill Development option area and an Environmental Systems Emphasis Area as key elements of their degree program. In addition, there is an emphasis on experiential learning through a three-week summer camp, off-campus internships and independent research projects.

The College of Agriculture currently has four interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science degree programs: Natural Resources and Environmental Science, Agricultural Biotechnology, Equine Science and Management, and Sustainable Agriculture. Each of these programs is administered by a group of faculty drawn from several of the subject matter departments in the College of Agriculture.

As an interdisciplinary degree, there is no single departmental home for NRES. Instead, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Programs appoints a Steering Committee to manage the curriculum, coordinate advising, and make decisions about academic issues.