University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Spotlight on Alumni

I graduated from UK with a B.S. in Natural Resource Conservation and Management inBonnie Wathen May of 2006 and went on to get a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA) from UK’s Martin School that I completed in May of 2008. I was very pleased with the NRCM program and how my NRCM background complimented the MPA coursework.

As an undergraduate at the University of Kentucky, I studied both English and Natural M'Shae AldermanResource Conservation and Management with a concentration in wildlife ecology. After graduating in 2007, I accepted an internship at The Wilderness Society (TWS), a not-for-profit organization based in Washington, DC, that has led the conservation movement in public land stewardship and wilderness protection.

I graduated from the UK with a B.S. in Natural Resource Conservation and Management in Alex HumeMay of 2007 and I am currently a Federal Consultant within Grant Thornton’s Global Public Sector (GPS) based out of Washington, D.C.










Most people believe that their 'dream' natural resource profession is likely out of their reach, but that’s only the case if you allow it to be.”

-Eric Hope















"Take any opportunity to learn about something that interests you, even if it's fleeting or not related to your focus areas.” -Sarah Barney






Honestly, the most important thing is perseverance.” -Sandy Broadus