Academic advising is a critical step to achieving your Natural Resources and Environmental Science degree.

Advising Instructions

  • Schedule an appointment with your Faculty Advisor. Most students will schedule appointments through myUK. Other NRES Faculty Advisors may schedule appointments in a different manner. If your advisor does not have any available appointment times on myUK please contact your advisor to make an appointment. If you do not know who your advisor is, check myUK, stop by N24-Agricultural Sciences Center North Bldg., or call 859-257-3468.
  • Study your course requirements and make a tentative class schedule to share with your advisor. You may use myUK - GPS to help you determine what classes you need to enroll in. This will make your advising appointment be much more productive.
  • Meet with your Faculty Advisor. Make sure you added planned course to your myUK before your meeting. This will help make the meeting more productive for you.
  • Remind your Faculty Advisor to lift the academic hold. You will not be able to register without an advisor lifting your academic advising hold! ( Be sure you don't have other holds on your myUK.)
  • Check myUK to determine when you can register for classes. If you cannot find this information, check in the Student Sucess Center (N24 Ag. Science North). All students are assigned a priority registration window in which to register. If you miss this window, you will have to wait until everyone else has registered. If you miss the second window, you will have to late register during add/drop.
  • You may register for classes using myUK.

The Schedule of Classes should be available on myUK around mid-October for winter or spring terms and mid-March for summer or fall terms.