The NRES & Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC) 2X2 Program

The NRES program has developed a 2X2 program to accommodate transfer students who receive an Associates Degree in Science or Applied Science from the Environmental Science Technology (EST) program at BCTC, the local community college. Within this framework, the students complete the first two years at BCTC and then transfer to the NRES program to finish the remaining two years. Several BCTC courses are directly equivalent to pre-major and major required courses within the NRES curriculum (See BCTC Transfer Table). Courses in the EST program at BCTC that are at the 200-level can be used to satisfy ESEA and/or ASD requirements. For example, one 200-level EST course from BCTC can be substituted per ASD and ESEA and a student can propose an individualized path as well. Read more about past BCTC transfer students.

Helpful Links

Students entering Fall 2018 and later

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Students entering prior to Fall 2018

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