The NRES curriculum emphasizes experiential learning. While pursuing an NRES major, students participate in one of two field camp experiences: at the Robinson Forest in eastern Kentucky, or in Costa Rica.

NRE 320 - Natural Resource and Environmental Analysis (Summer Camp), 3 credits. This course is required of all NRES majors, and includes field data collection and exposure to various techniques and concepts related to natural resources. This provides a valuable, hands-on learning experience which is a favorite among NRES students.

Summer camp immerses students in an outdoor classroom, learning from faculty and other professionals.  Robinson Forest summer camp is a 3-week summer camp that covers topics such as forest resources and measurements, aquatic ecology, stream restoration, mining reclamation and reforestation, and wildlife habitat and assessment.

The 14-day field trip to Costa Rica introduces students to tropical ecology, making use of the tremendous ecological and ecosystem diversity that Costa Rica provides, while engaging in topics that range from herpetology and ecology to sustainable farming and ecotourism.