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Academic Advising Suggestions for NRES majors


Advising Forms

Please click here to see all of the advising forms available.

Academic advising is a critical step to achieving your degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Science . 
New freshmen and transfer students should attend an Advising Conference, which is a part of orientation at UK. After the advising conference, these students meet with an NRES academic advisor to prepare for class registration.
Continuing students are advised in special three-week advising periods during Fall and Spring Semester. Students play an equally important role in the process as advisors.  It is important that you attend your advising appointment fully prepared so that you will be advised properly, ensuring that your progression towards graduation is a smooth process.  Please complete the following steps prior to meeting with your advisor:

  1. Consult APEX
    Complete Plan of Study (click here)

  2. Create a list of proposed courses and alternatives 
    Course offerings are found on myUK

See the descriptions below for more information about these requirements.

Plan of Study
            The Plan of Study is an academic planning document designed to help students and advisors prepare a schedule that provides proper progress toward graduation. The Plan of Study is especially important for NRCM majors because: (1) there are required courses which are taught only once a year and (2) the identification of courses for a Concentration Area can be a challenge for some students.
            The Plan of Study is a working document for both our students and our advisors.

            The Academic Program Evaluation & eXploration (APEX) “degree audit” software available at UK is designed to accurately track a student’s academic progress. APEX  allows students and advisors to evaluate progress toward the NRCM degree, explore options for the Concentration Area, and allow students to prepare for advising sessions.

Course Catalog
The UK course catalog is no longer available in print form. If you are a currently enrolled student and you have an Active Directory User Account, you can access the course catalog and search for classes using the myUK portal. If you do not have a User Account, you can access the course catalog at:

Advising Appointments
All UK students are required to meet with an advisor to discuss your Plan of Study and plan a class schedule. After you advising appointment, your advisor’s signature will lift the “advising hold” so you can register for classes. If you do not have an advisor, please consult the NRES Advisors web page or email the NRES Director of Undergraduate Studies to get some suggested names for a potential advisor.

If you have questions about advising or the registration process, please contact one of the NRES advisors or the Advising Resource Center in N-8 of Agricultural Science Building-North (257-3468)