University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Graduates of the College of Agriculture are required to take a ‘capstone course,’ which helps students integrate their classroom instruction, summer camp, internship and applied research experiences. For NRES majors the capstone experience is NRE 471, Senior Problem in Natural Resources. In this course, students examine in detail a natural resource or environmental problem in Kentucky. Through a team-approach, students conduct extensive field work, research, analysis, and prepare a report which includes recommendations to address the targeted problem. Their work culminates in one or more publications and an oral presentation to other UK students, faculty, and off-campus stakeholders. The capstone course gives students the opportunity to work closely with natural resource professionals and community stakeholders in a pre-professional context, providing a bridge between the classroom and the workplace. During this experience, NRES students enhance their workplace skills, professionalism, teamwork, and technical expertise.

Natural resource capstone classes have covered a myriad of topics over the years, including elk reintroduction in Eastern Kentucky, campus sustainability, solid waste management at UK, and environmental impacts of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.


2014 "Evaluating the UK-LFUCG Arboretum and State Botanical Garden"


Final Report


2013 "Urban Forestry in Lexington, KY"


Executive Summary

Final Report


Community Orchard Brochure


There was no course in calendar year 2012 because the meeting pattern changed from Fall to Spring.


2011 "Assessing Water Quality in the Inner Bluegrass"


Final Summary Presentation

South Elkhorn Creek Watershed Plan

Dry Run Watershed Plan



2010 “Improving Habitat for Native Wildlife in Fayette County, Kentucky”


Final Summary Report

Capstone Presentation Handout

Wildscaping Brochure

Wildscaping: A How to Guide