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Study Abroad

There are numerous Education Abroad opportunities in Natural Resources and Environmental Science and it is possible to fit a summer, semester, or year abroad into your curriculum. In addition, many students choose to do their internship abroad. Below is a brief overview of some of the programs offered. Please click here for a more detailed list. For every one opportunity that is below, there are three more listed on the Education Abroad website.

When you search the programs, perform an "Advanced Search" and make sure to choose ALL of the "Areas of Study" that remotely interest you. Each program around the world have different names for Natural Resources and Environmental Science and thus list them differently. Don't be surprised if your search has over 20 "Areas of Study". If you have questions on any Education Abroad opportunities feel free to contact the NRES Academic Coordinator, Geri Philpott, or attend one of the weekly First Step Information Sessions by the Education Abroad Office in room 207 Bradley Hall. Sessions are held every Monday and Tuesday from 4-5pm and every Wednesday and Thursday from 3-4pm while classes are in session.

Natural Resources and Environmental Science Education Abroad Opportunities
Terms Offered Location Name
Summer 1 Argentina Landscape and Culture: From the Andes Foothills to the Pampas
Summer 2 Australia The Geography and Sociology of the Australian Environment
Summer Costa Rica (Monteverde) Tropical Ecology and Conservation
Summer Panama Biodiversity in the Tropics
Summer 2 Thailand (Chiang Mai) Sustainable Agriculture in Southeast Asia
Fall, Spring, Year Australia (Sydney) University of Western Sydney
Fall, Spring Costa Rica (Monteverde) Sustainability and the Environment
Fall, Spring Costa Rica (Monteverde) Tropical Ecology and Conservation
Fall, Spring, Year England (Lancaster) Lancaster University
Fall, Spring, Year Fiji (Suva) University of the South Pacific
Fall, Spring, Year Germany (Freiburg) Environmental Studies and Sustainability
Fall, Spring Panama Tropical Ecology, Marine Ecosystems, and Biodiversity Conservation
Fall, Spring Tanzania (Arusha) Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology
Fall, Spring Tanzania (Zanzibar) Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management
Fall, Spring Thailand (Bangkok) Mahidol University