University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


Mary Arthur Dr. Mary Arthur, Forestry
Chair, NRES Steering Committee
Teaches FOR 340, Forest Ecology and NRE 471, Senior Problem in Natural Resources. Research on forest ecosystems, prescribed fire, and invasive species
  Chris Barton Dr. Carmen Agouridis, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Research in ecosystem restoration as it applies to streams impacted by mining, urban or agricultural activities; wetlands; and mined land reclamation.
Chris Barton
Dr. Chris Barton, Forestry
Teaches NRE 320 (Summer Camp) and FOR 460G, Forest Watershed Management
Research projects on water quality and forest management systems
  John Cox
Dr. John Cox, Forestry
Teaches FOR 230 (Conservation Biology)
Research in Wildlife Ecology and Management
 Mark Coyne Dr. Mark Coyne, Plant and Soil Science
Teaches NRE 477G, Land Treatment of Wastes and PLS 566, Soil Microbiology Research on nitrogen cycling, soil ecology, soil structure and management, waste management
   Elisa D'Angelo Dr. Elisa D’Angelo, Plant and Soil Science
Teaches NRE 450G, Biogeochemistry, and PLS 597, Environmental Sampling and Analysis
Research on wetland soils and aquatic sediments, pollutant bioremediation, and microbial ecology.
 William Gorton William T. Gorton III, Agricultural Economics
Adjunct Professor in Agricultural Economics
Teaches AEC 424, Environmental Law
Practicing environmental law attorney at Stites & Harbinson, PLLC
  Geri and bear

Geri Philpott, M.S., NRES
Teaches NRE 301, Natural Resources and Environmental Science. Interests include environmental education, animal behavior, and wildlife biology.
 Greg Halich Dr. Greg Halich, Agricultural Economics
Teaches NRE 545, Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
Educational programs on farm management
Research on grazing systems and timberland investment
   Mike Lacki Dr. Mike Lacki, Forestry
Teaches FOR 430, Forest Wildlife Management
Research on bats, falcons, and endangered species
Brian Lee Dr. Brian Lee, Landscape Architecture
Teaches NRE 555, Geographic Information Systems and Landscape Analysis. Supervises the capstone studio (LA 975) which is a service learning experience for the undergraduate landscape architecture students as well as teaches Advanced Geographic Information Systems and Landscape Analysis (LA 956/NRE 556) and Advanced Land Use Planning Applications (LA 959).
    Dr. Chris Matocha, Plant and Soil Science
Teaches PLS 366, Fundamental of Soil Science
Research on soil chemistry
David McNear
Dr. David H. McNear, Plant and Soil Science
Teaches PLS 366, Fundamental of Soil Science
Research on metal speciation in plant tissues, soil chemistry
  Rob Paratley
Rob Paratley, Forestry
Curator, UK Herbarium
Teaches NRE 420G, Taxonomy of Vascular Plants and FOR 315, Economic Botany. Provides research support in taxonomic botany and ecology
Jack Schieffer Dr. Jack Schieffer, Agricultural Economics
Teaches AEC 445, Natural Resource and Environmental
Economics and AEC 424, Environmental Law
Research on contracts, legal issues in resource management
     Dr. G. Andrew Stainback, Forestry
Teaches FOR 280, Forest Policy.
Research on policy and economics of ecosystem services, enviornmental, land use, and international law, and sustainable development