University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Advising Forms

If there is anything you would like to see that is not currently on here, please let Geri Philpott know. We hope this page will reduce the amount of paper needing to be printed.


Advising Forms(all students)

NRES Semester Plan - Document to help students plan out each semester for four years

Course Subsitution Form - Submit this to your advisor for approval.


NRES with UK Core Requirements(all new students, students who switched from NRCM and USP, and students who entered after Fall 2011- exceptions can include transfer or readmit students who might be entering on USP)

NRES/UK Core Plan of Study - Requirements for UK Core and NRES curriculum 

NRES/UK Core Curriculum - Detailed NRES curriculum including ASDA and ESEA offerings 


NRES Internship (NRE 399) and Research Project (NRE 395) forms

Internship Form - Form you must fill out and submit BEFORE you begin your internship (NRE 399) Open this with Adobe Acrobat to fill in the form.

Research Project Form - Form you must fill out and submit BEFORE you begin your research project (NRE 395) Open this form with Word to fill in the document.


Forms and Information for New or Interested Students

NRES Information Sheet - Have new NRES students fill out this form and return it to Geri

NRES Description - NRES general description with job examples

NRES Program - Two page detailed description of NRES program with photos (print back-to-back)

NRES Map - Map of buildings on campus where NRES classes/activities are usually held

NRES Summer Camp - Description and photos of camp

NRES Experiential Learning - Examples of experiential learning in the major

NRES Newsletter - Current NRES Newsletter


NRES with USP Requirements(a few students who are in their final years of study and opted to switch from NRCM to NRES but kept the USP requirements)

NRES/USP Plan of Study - Requirements for USP and NRES curriculum 

NRES/USP Curriculum - NRES with USP curriculum


NRCM with USP Requirements(very few students who are in their final semesters of study)

NRCM/USP Plan of Study - Requirements for USP and NRES curriculum


College of Ag Forms

Main Forms Page - Course substitution form, pink sheet, repeat option, etc.