University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Autumn Foushee - 2004

I graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2004 with dual degrees in NRCM and Autumn FousheeJournalism. Directly after graduation, I worked as the Grants Specialist for Bluegrass PRIDE, a local environmental non-profit, who was also the sponsor of my NRCM senior capstone course.  At PRIDE I managed the federally funded environmental grants we awarded to communities and organizations all over Central Kentucky. Traveling to different communities, helping them to realize projects to improve their local environment was a tremendously rewarding job.

When the tides shifted in Washington, so did funding for environmental work. From Bluegrass PRIDE, I moved into the corporate sector as a Managing Editor for 3 national magazine titles geared toward small farmers: Hobby Farms, Hobby Farm Home, and the Popular Farming Series. I decided to leave the corporate world and get back into the forests, so I worked with Dr. Mary Arthur at the University of Kentucky as the field technician on a long‐term study of the effects of prescribed fire on oak regeneration in the southern Appalachians.

From my work with Dr. Arthur, I decided graduate school was the next step. I was accepted to the Field Naturalist program at the University of Vermont, where I recently finished a master’s in botany. I decided to stay in Vermont to work as the Executive Director of the Mad River Path Association—an environmental non‐profit organization dedicated to building a system of conserved, continuous public, multi‐use trails connecting the towns and wild places in the Mad River Valley.

In the future, I plan to continue working with communities to promote sustainable use of natural resources, alternative transportation methods and greater reliance on sustainable energy sources. Study the interacting pieces and patterns of the natural and cultural landscape; and never stop exploring how our systems can be more efficient with less impact on the Earth’s wild and human communities. Good luck in your pursuits!

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