Boyd Shearer

Adjunct Faculty
Phone (859) 806-3938
Fax (859) 257-6277
NRES/LA 355 GIS Instructor

Department of Geography
817 Patterson Office Tower
Lexington KY 40506-0027

Professional Profile

Teaches NRE/LA 355 Geographic Information Systems

I've always had an obsession with public space and maps. Any new place I visit, my first instinct is to find my closest public parks. My published cartography focuses on my favorite parks and wilderness areas. (
With a focus on researching parks, my interests range from GPS mapping topographic features to video documentaries exploring historic city parks. I've studied the development of significant public parks in the historical context of economic exploitation of natural resources and changing ideas of scenic beauty and recreation. I've studied the genesis of urban park systems when Progressive Era ideas sculpted new programs for creative self-expression in city parks. (