Robinson Forest Summer Field Experience

Immerse yourself in natural resources and environmental science at Robinson Forest – literally! Muddy boots, sore muscles, wet clothes, campfire scents, new friends, and lifelong memories are all part of the NRES summer camp experience. NRE 320 is a field-oriented course taught off-campus as a three-week summer camp intended for sophomores or juniors majoring in Natural Resources and Environmental Science.

Emphasis is placed on experiential learning using hands-on methodologies for field data collection necessary to evaluate a variety of natural resources on forest, agricultural, and surface mined lands. Professionals specializing in areas of stream ecology, dendrology, soil science, wildlife biology, surface mine reclamation, forest management, biosystems engineering, hydrology, water quality and restoration ecology assist with the instruction. Students become familiar with sampling instrumentation, collection, preservation, analysis and data interpretation.

The NRES summer camp course has often been referred to as “my favorite class” by past students. Having an opportunity to live “in the woods” and sleep-eat-drink-breathe natural resource and environmental science is very rewarding. This course is intended to provide that “ah-ha” factor for connecting material learned in traditional on-campus courses to applied real-world situations. It is also intended to introduce students to the rigor and challenges of field work (bugs, sweat, mud, cold, hot, wet). Even though there are many traditional learning outcomes associated with this course, one of its most valuable attributes is that of putting professionals and students together for an extended period in the wild. Developing personal and professional bonds are part of the experience that will carry-on hopefully long after graduation.