NRE 395 - Research

Students arrange to work on a natural resource or environmental research project. Generally, students work with a UK faculty member but students can work with researchers in other settings (e.g. Kentucky Department of Fish and Game or Kentucky Geological Society). To register for NRE 395 students and their advisors develop a research contract. Research contracts explain the nature of the research, the work to be completed by the student, the outcomes expected (e.g., article, paper, poster), and the time period for completion of the work. This contract is then approved by the NRES Internship Coordinator. 

NRE 395 Syllabus

NRE 395 Learning Contract

NRE 399 - Internship

An internship is a pre-professional work experience completed in an off-campus setting. Students can identify internship opportunities by talking to NRES majors who have already completed internships, attending the NRES Internship Forum (typically Fall Term), or searching the web for opportunities. 

Before registering for NRE 399, students must complete a Learning Contract. Before completing a Learning Contract, students need to identify a faculty advisor for the internship.  This can be your academic advisor, or another faculty member whose interests may correspond to the content of the planned internship.  Consult with your advisor about completing the Learning Contract before seeking approval signatures. This contract must be approved by the NRES Internship Coordinator before registering for NRE 399.

NRE 399 Syllabus

NRE 399 Learning Contract