What should I bring?

    Course Materials and Supplies:
    1. Notebooks and paper
    2. Pens, pencils, erasers (i.e. the usual)
    3. Textbooks – not required, but you may bring field guides or texts that you feel would be helpful
    4. Clipboard
    5. Calculator with spare batteries or charger

    Personal Items for Your Comfort and Well-Being:
    1. Bedding (sheets, pillows, pillowcases, blankets, sleeping bags, etc)
    2. Bath supplies (towels, shampoo, shaving gear, etc)
    3. Field clothes, boots (extra boots, likely to get wet), and rain gear
    4. Water bottle or canteen
    5. Insect repellent
    6. Poison ivy/insect bite lotion/ sunscreen (if desired)
    7. Flashlight
    8. Day pack
    9. Sunglasses (if desired)
    10. Leather work gloves (if desired)
    11. Pocket knife (if desired)
    12. Personal first aid supplies and any medications you require
    13. Extra layers of clothing as it can get cold at night

    Other Comfort/Enjoyment Items Students Have Brought in the Past:
    1. An iPod, media player, or radio with earphones (for radios you may need an antenna if you want multiple stations).
    2. A cell phone
    3. Binoculars
    4. Mountain bike
    5. Musical Instruments
    6. Books for pleasure reading
    7. Hobby supplies
    8. A Brita Pitcher or other water filtering device.
    9. Water bottle. There is a water station (filtered water) in the dining hall where you can fill up your bottles.
    10. ALE-8, snacks etc. There is a refrigerator in each cabin. Although food is provided, dinner is over at 6pm and you might want a late-night snack.
    11. Sports equipment – Frisbees, ball and glove, badminton, football, bocce ball...

    The Absolutely Most Important Thing to Bring:
    Energy and Enthusiasm!