The Natural Resources and Environmental Science program is an interdisciplinary major which is managed by a Steering Committee of faculty from departments in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, the College of Arts and Sciences, and UK Transportation Services. The Steering Committee collaborates to guide the NRES program.

Current NRES Steering Committee members include:

Chris Matocha, Ph.D. | Plant & Soil Sciences | Committee Chair

Jack Schieffer, Ph.D. | Agricultural Economics | Internship Coordinator

Larry Grabau, Ph.D. | Plant & Soil Sciences | Director of Undergraduate Studies

Chris Barton, Ph.D. | Forestry and Natural Resources

Sandra Broadus | NRES Alumna, UK Transportation Services

David McNear, Ph.D. | Plant & Soil Sciences

Robert Paratley, M.S. | Forestry and Natural Resources

Lynn Phillips, Ph.D. | Geography

Steve Price Ph.D. | Forestry and Natural Resources

Chris Sass, Ph.D. | Landscape Architecture

Christopher Shepard, Ph.D. | Plant & Soil Sciences

David Moecher, Ph.D. | Earth and Environmental Sciences