Steven Buck
Assistant Professor

Professional Profile

Steven teaches AEC 445G Introduction to Resource and Environmental Economics.

Current Projects

Measuring the Welfare Losses from Urban Water Supply Disruptions *** Forecasting Urban Water Demand in California: Rethinking Model Evaluation *** Forecasting Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Demand in Southern California

Highlighted Publications

'Land Markets and the Value of Water: Hedonic Analysis Using Repeat Sales of Farmland' with Maximilian Auffhammer and David Sunding. 2014. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, vol. 96(4), 953-969.

'Reputation in a Public Goods Game: Taking the Design of Credit Bureaus to the Lab' with Craig McIntosh, Elisabeth Sadoulet, and Tomas Rosada. 2013. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 95, 270-285.

'Agricultural Extension, Trust and Farmer Learning: Results from Economic Experiments in Ecuador' with Jeffrey Alwang. 2011. Agricultural Economics, vol. 42(6), 685-699.

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Ph.D.University of California - Berkeley 2011

M.S.Virginia Tech University 2006

M.S.Virginia Tech University 2005

B.S.University of Dayton 2003

B.A.University of Dayton 2003